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4 Great Reasons To Start Your Renovation Now

Deciding to start your renovation can be tough; it likely feels like there’s too much to consider before you start. Sometimes though, the result is worth the trouble. Here are 4 reasons you should start your renovation sooner than later.

1. You’ve Just Been Inspired

The best time to renovate is when you know what you want. Maybe you’ve just visited a friend who had a kitchen island you really coveted, or you saw a bedspread in a magazine that you can’t stop thinking about. No matter what has you thinking about a redesign, if you feel like you know what you want for your house, it’s time for a renovation. The longer you wait after inspiration strikes, the less you’ll remember.

2. Your Family Is Outgrowing Your Space

Your family’s needs are bound to change as your children grow. When your kids are small you have to be constantly concerned with safety, but as they grow older, you don’t need to worry as much. On the other hand, as your kids get older they may want a bedroom that reflects their newfound maturity.

If your space isn’t working for your family, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to move. Your home may just be in need of a remodel. Reworking your kids’ old playroom into a study space, or even just creating more space in your living room, can make all the difference in how your family feels at home. When your family starts to outgrow your space, you know it’s time to renovate.

3. Your Home No Longer Sparks Joy

There is a common tip for decluttering that says to simply ask yourself about each item you own: “Does this spark joy?” This same rule can be applied to renovating your home. Go into your kitchen, living room, or bedroom and ask yourself: does this room spark joy? If your answer is no, then you should think about doing a renovation. Your home is meant to be a space for you to enjoy, so if it isn’t doing that for you, it’s time for a change.

4. You’re Reading This Article Right Now

The fact that you’re reading this article right now indicates that you’re looking for reasons to renovate. If you want to do it, what’s stopping you? Contact Lavish Design and let’s get started on the renovation you’ve been dreaming of.